Camping med dyr

Husdyr kan være herligt selskab på ferien

Husdyr er tilladt på campingpladsen (kun hvis du ved bestillingen oplyser, at der medbringes husdyr) i hver campingenhed og kun i bestemte typer hytter og sommerhuse, men i begrænset antal (dvs. du må højst have et husdyr for hver boligenhed).


The dog is admitted as well as the owner:

  • Do not leave the animal unattended;
  • Always wear it on a leash and be in possession of the muzzle;
  • Bring the appropriate scoop or bag, out of respect for others and the environment;
  • Make sure that you do not disturb the peace and rest of the other customers;
  • Do not take him to the playground, the restrooms, restaurant and pool area;
  • We ask you not to bring females into heat and dangerous animals that could make coexistence with other customers difficult.

Rules for dogs in the Municipality of Portoferraio:
On the basis of the Regulation for the management of the Maritime State Property Municipality of Portoferraio, in the art. 38 - Accessibility of dogs on the beaches, dogs are allowed access to the beaches, provided they are accompanied by the owner or other holder.
In such places the use of a leash is obligatory, taking care that the dogs do not dirty or create any damage. In the event that an order is available, the use of a muzzle is also mandatory. The dog's manager must have suitable tools for the removal of the droppings and must collect the solid excrements of the same in all public spaces. During the bathing season, from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, it is not allowed to take the dog in the water.

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