Glamping style (Glamour + Camping) in its best combination: Safari Lodge. The structure is fully equipped: a wide room with a double bed and a second room with a single bed and a bunk bed. Bathroom equipped with shower box and sink.
The living area has a wide and light living-room: when the two front walls are opened, it turns to a big area together with the front deck.
The Kitchen corner, lighted by the wide window, has an induction cooktop, sink and fridge.
The wooden walls inside the tent have a rustic look, recalling the natural features of this material, its natural colors and its shapes.
The new front closing system is composed of two panels. They can be fully opened to create a wide open-space area, overlooking the whole the tent. Two chests in the living area add a cosy touch to this structure.

There is no air conditioning inside.


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