Vluchten naar Elba

Het vliegveld van Elba bevindt zich bij ca. 7 km. van ons camping.

Tijdens het seizoen worden regelmatig vluchten uitgevoerd door zowel Italiaanse als buitenlandse maatschappijen. U kunt vertrekken vanaf de vliegvelden Berna und Lugano.

Het vliegveld van Elba bevindt zich bij het plaatsje La Pila op ca. 7 km. van ons camping.

Elba by plane from Lugano
For the summer of 2019 Silver Air will do only one weekly flight Lugano - Island of Elba (1hr 30 mins).
The flight is very scenic and is done on a 16-seater Turbolet LET410 with a flight attendant on board.

Flight times from 24.6.2018 to 16.9.2018, Every Sunday
Lugano - Elba 10,30 (arrival 12,00)
Elba - Lugano 12,40 (arrival 14,10)

Elba by plane from Bern
From May onwards, flights to Switzerland from Elba are enriched with departure and arrival from Bern.
Here are the dates and times: Every Saturday starting from 25/05/2019 until 27/07/2019 and from 08/31/2019 to 10/12/2019.

Elba by plane: solution A
From Bern departure 8.00 am and arrival at Elba 9.15 am
From Elba departure at 9.55 am and arrival in Bern at 11.10 am

Elba by plane: solution B
From Bern departure at 12.20 and arrival at Elba at 1.35pm
From Elba departure at 2.15pm and arrival in Bern 3.30pm
Getting to Elba by plane from Switzerland therefore becomes more comfortable with two flights a day,
again on Saturdays made with an ATR42-500 (maximum capacity of 48 seats).
This is a charter contract between Belpmoos Reisen and ZIMEX Aviation, therefore there are no price ranges
dedicated to residents and the cost is around six hundred euros each way.

In particular: The price is CHF 760.00 (around 698 euro) per person, return ticket
Or CHF 660.00 (about 606 euros) for children 2 - 12 years (excluded).
Children up to 2 years pay CHF 60.00 (around 55 euros).
The hand baggage allowed must have a maximum weight of 5 kg, the checked baggage 15 kg.
The one way prices are CHF 460.00 (approximately 422 euros) for adults and CHF 380.00 (approximately 350 euros) for children.
To book just send an email to info@belpmoos-reisen.ch.

The airport at Elba is located in La Pila, in Marina di Campo.
These are the directions to contact the structure: Tel. 0565.976011 - Email: alatoscana@elba-airport.it.